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A Brief History of Chinese Art

Considering the title of this essay, you might wonder how on earth an article of just a few hundred words could possibly do justice to a subject as varied and complex as the history of Chinese Art. And it would be quite right to think this, because to encompass the artistic history of the largest nation on earth over a time span of shall we say 3522 years, is not actually possible at all. What an odd number that is and how is it arrived at, you might ask?  The answer is that if you start with the Shang Dynasty around the year 1500 BC and then count the years back down to zero, then add to that the period from zero right up to 2022 AD. Keeping in mind that we are compressing such a great span of time in this China Travelogue, I am going to try to show objects which encapsulate the period in question. 

Learn more about the History of Design! 5 chairs that revolutionised Modern Design.

Chair is probably one of the most popular pieces of furniture our Furniture Experts get to value at ValueMyStuff. We get chairs from across all possible centuries and styles. Chair is one of the most basic but simultaneously one of the most important furniture pieces, from a royal throne to a simple wooden stool. Learn with us about 5 iconic chairs that pushed forward the History of Design

Learn more about Muhammad Ali - a Renaissance man of the 20th Century

Muhammad Ali is best known for his amazing boxing career and is often related to as the greatest athlete of all time. But he truly was a Renaissance man of the 20th century, using his fame to make a mark in other important social areas, such as philanthropy and civil rights fight. He also was artistically talented, expressing himself in poetry, rap, acting and even painting.

Breakfast at Tiffany & Co.

It is really hard to find another company with such an iconic heritage as popular jewellery and luxury goods manufacturer as Tiffany & Co. With the brand celebrating its 185 years next year it is worth to take a closer look at its history.

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Learn About Oceanic Art

Pre-Columbian Art

Oceanic or Oceanian art is a term that refers to the artwork created by native populations of the Pacific Islands and Australia, including the regions of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

Learn About Autographs


While functionally, an autograph is simply someone’s own written signature on a piece of paper or other surface, it is often an item that possesses an insurmountable amount of cultural significance and market value.

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How to Value Metals & Brassware

Metals & Brassware

Whether a metal is highly valued for its malleability, conductibility, durability, or any combination of these qualities, they all have their own unique and special qualities that are attractive to craftsmen as well as collectors.

How to Value Lighting


While antique chandeliers and silver candelabra have always been attractive items for homeowners to add to their collection, other less ostentatious but nonetheless artistically valuable lighting fixtures have tragically been melted down and lost, their owners unaware of their true market potential.

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Learn About Sports Cards

Sports Cards

Sports have been a major part of Western culture since ancient times, and since the rise of radio and television during the 20th century, they have become more influential in our culture of entertainment than ever.

Learn About Dolls


While many of us enjoyed dolls as favorite play items of a childhood past, today vintage and antique dolls enjoy the status of highly sought after prizes for adult collectors and enthusiasts.

How to Value Royal & Political Memorabilia

With the advent of radio and television in the 20th century, as well as the expansion of the full right to vote to any citizen regardless of race or gender in many countries, the world of politics has recently become more accessible than ever to everyday people instead of being relegated solely to educated white men.

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