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Learn About Sindy Dolls

Sindy Dolls

For collectors and enthusiasts around the world, dolls can represent a sense of childlike wonder, nostalgia, an insight into how children of past eras entertained themselves, or simply impressive displays of artistic model renderings of the human form.

How to Value Sports Cards

Sports Cards

People have been enthusiastic about sports since ancient times, and with the advent of the radio and television in the 20th century, they have become an even greater influence in entertainment and popular culture.

How to Value Postcards


Postcards, while seemingly just everyday objects, or mundane pieces of stationary, are actually historical artifacts that have great value for many collectors.

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Learn About Sculpture


While what often comes to mind when one thinks about the fine arts is various forms of flat images or two dimensional visual renderings, sculpture provides the opportunity to perceive a work of art from multiple perspectives in three dimensional form.

How to Value Toys


For most people, toys are something we all grew up with, regardless of what era we were born in. They are objects that played significant roles in our childhoods and were a big part of our lives at some point, whether for a short or long time.

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A History of 20th Century Design

20th Century Design

The twentieth century was an extremely dynamic, transitionary period in our history, characterized by conflict, technological innovation, and social advancement, with pivotal events such as WWI and WWII, the first man landing on the moon, and the civil rights movement to name a few.

How to Value Classic Cars

Since the first ever gasoline-powered automobile was manufactured in 1886, cars have been a subject of intrigue and fascination for generations. It is no wonder that today collecting classic cars is such a popular hobby amongst enthusiasts, with a world and culture of its very own.

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How to Value Fine Jewellery

Fine Jewelry

Does the wedding ring you inherited from your grandmother have any value? Could the bracelet you picked up at the antique store be worth more than you thought? Fine jewelry is precious and highly valuable to many people, as it is easy to appreciate such beauty and history.

How to Value Comic Books

Comic Books

Are your Dad’s old comics worth any money? Does the collection you found in the basement have any value? Is your most coveted comic book worth as much as you think? You might be surprised.

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