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How to Value Metals & Brassware

Metals & Brassware

Whether a metal is highly valued for its malleability, conductibility, durability, or any combination of these qualities, they all have their own unique and special qualities that are attractive to craftsmen as well as collectors.

How to Value Lighting


While antique chandeliers and silver candelabra have always been attractive items for homeowners to add to their collection, other less ostentatious but nonetheless artistically valuable lighting fixtures have tragically been melted down and lost, their owners unaware of their true market potential.

Learn About Sports Cards

Sports Cards

Sports have been a major part of Western culture since ancient times, and since the rise of radio and television during the 20th century, they have become more influential in our culture of entertainment than ever.

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Learn About Dolls


While many of us enjoyed dolls as favorite play items of a childhood past, today vintage and antique dolls enjoy the status of highly sought after prizes for adult collectors and enthusiasts.

How to Value Royal & Political Memorabilia

With the advent of radio and television in the 20th century, as well as the expansion of the full right to vote to any citizen regardless of race or gender in many countries, the world of politics has recently become more accessible than ever to everyday people instead of being relegated solely to educated white men.

Get your valuation doneGet your valuation doneGet your valuation done
Get your valuation doneGet your valuation doneGet your valuation done

Learn About Toys


Toys are objects that possess an inherent sense of joy and imagination, as they play a significant role in our early development and childhood no matter what background one comes from.

Learn About Model Ships

Model Ships

Since their initial invention thousands of years ago, men and women across the world have been fascinated by their impressive prowess as vessels of worldwide transportation, as well as the nautical culture which surrounds them.

Learn About Longines


In a world that values class and luxury, it is no doubt that Longines possesses one of the highest reputations of finery and high quality in watchmaking, suiting the needs of their customers and admirers since 1832.

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