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How to Value Watches


Do you have a watch that you would like to learn more about? Would you like to learn the value of a piece you inherited? Perhaps you would simply wish to acquire some knowledge regarding an old family collection.

How to Value Jade


With its distinctly unique quality of beauty and allure, it is easy to understand why jade has been one of the most highly coveted semi-precious stones since ancient times.

Get your valuation doneGet your valuation doneGet your valuation done
Get your valuation doneGet your valuation doneGet your valuation done

Learn About Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors

While today the concept of the physical reflection of the self and our ability to see an exact accurate image of ourselves at a glance seems such an unremarkable part of everyday life, it is interesting to think that this is only a relatively modern phenomenon.

Learn About Modern Middle Eastern Art

Modern Middle Eastern Art

As growing interest and an increase in spaces amongst the public for non-Western artists becomes more and more prevalent, modern Middle Eastern art captivates audiences with its cultural allure, political relevance, and sheer visual beauty and display of skill and expertise rooted in thousands of years of long revered unique artistic tradition.

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How to Value Drawings


The instinct to create and express ideas visually is deeply ingrained in the instinct of mankind, with art being one of the primal identity factors that separates humanity as an intelligent species instead of mere animals.

How to Value Prints


Prints can be an exciting way for the art collector who is interested in a less expensive option to own a piece by a famous artists.

How To Value Vintage Bags

Vintage Bags

Vintage fashion can provide a thrill for fashionistas, history lovers, and niche collectors alike, so it is no wonder that today the area enjoys such a lucrative market amongst enthusiasts.

How to Value Barbies

Barbie Dolls

One of the most iconic figures of modern pop culture and girls’ media, Barbie dolls have entertained over a half century of children, earning them a place as one of the most beloved toys of America and the world.

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