How to Value Drexel Furniture

Drexel furniture is admired by many an interior design enthusiasts for its charming all American quality as a purveyor of both tradition and innovation.

Drexel Furniture

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Throughout the past one hundred and some years the company has been able to remain steadfast in their classic heritage while still contributing to contemporary ideals and trends, thus avoiding the label of ‘old-fashioned’. Today their pieces are highly valuable and sought after on the vintage and antique furniture market, as it is so easy to appreciate the mere aesthetic excellence, and high standards of quality, not to mention the history and tradition that lies behind each piece. Do you have an old piece of Drexel furniture that you are interested in selling, or would simply like to know more about? Read on in order to find out how to do so.

A brief history

The Drexel Furniture Company was founded in 1903 in North Carolina by Samuel Huffman and five other men with a mere investment of $14,000, and 50 workers. They produced products made from native oak, taking inspiration from traditional French and British furniture design in order to create a wholly new unique style. Their first product was a bedroom set consisting of a bed, bureau, and washstand suite that they sold for $14.50. By selling their pieces to agents ready to assemble upon arrival, they were able to cut down on transportation costs and undersell their Northern competition. In the following years, the company would become known across the country for its classic traditional style, impeccable quality, and American ingenuity; and it would soon grow from a small rural factory to the world renowned industry it is today.


The first aspect of your Drexel furniture to take into consideration when endeavouring to find its value is its condition. As Drexel furniture products were largely factory manufactured, there are sure to be a multitude of pieces just like yours on the market, and if the condition of your piece is not up to par, it will be left with very little value. It is important to search every part of your furniture, including the insides of drawers and cabinets, for signs of damage. One must be careful to look out for scuffs, scratches, chips, missing handles or knobs, discoloration, warping, and any other such compromises in quality. However if your piece has a knick or two, this is not the end of the world in terms of its value. Furthermore, if your piece is damaged it may be worth looking into to have it repaired by a professional; however it is crucial to never make any changes to any collectible item before consulting an appraiser first. 

"...the 1930s “Touraine” bedroom set, inspired by Louis XV, was one of the company’s most successful designs, and remains highly coveted by buyers today."

Rarity & demand

The next feature of your furniture to account for is its age and rarity. This factor is what will distinguish whether your item will be worth simply a few hundred pounds, or a few thousand. As with any sector of the collectible market, some pieces will be rarer and more sought after than others. For example, the 1930s “Touraine” bedroom set, inspired by Louis XV, was one of the company’s most successful designs, and remains highly coveted by buyers today. Certain pieces from the company’s “Avenue” line of designs can be worth up to thousands, such as the burl wood and brass chinoiserie nightstands. However it is important to consider that even if your piece may be scarce, the ultimate determining factor is whether or not there is someone willing to buy it on the market; if the demand of a piece does not at least meet its supply, it may take some time to sell.


 Of course the most crucial step to take when seeking to find the value of your item is to consult a professional appraiser. Only an expert in the field will be able to determine the most accurate estimate, as they will be able to use their years of knowledge and expertise in order to reduce the margin of error as much as possible. Especially with as niche of an area of the market as Drexel furniture, seeking the opinion of a specialist is absolutely essential. Luckily there are professionals in the field available here at Value My Stuff who can assist in your valuation needs, so that you can find out how much your Drexel furniture is worth today!

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