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The Collector: Selim Varol

Contemporary Art

Visionary Düsseldorf-based collector Selim Varol shares his passion for contemporary culture in this of-the-moment array of fine art, street art, and collectible toys by Mark Ryden, Banksy, KAWS, Shepard Fairey and more.

Valued by VMS, Sold by Auctionata

Since launching our auction partnership with Auctionata, we have been pleased to offer ValueMyStuff clients the opportunity to sell the treasured items that we have valued on this exciting and ground-breaking auction channel. From Salvador Dali to David Bowie, below are some of the items our experts valued, which are coming up for sale in Auctionata’s spring/summer auction season.

Fathers day gifts

Here at ValueMyStuff, we’re bored of gifting socks and ties for Father’s Day. We love the unusual and auctions are the perfect places to find unique gifts that are guaranteed to impress your father.

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Buyers Guide to Audemars Piguet Watches


Audemars Piguet was established in 1875 in the heartland of watchmaking, the Vallée du Joux. This independent family business remains one of the oldest surviving watch manufacturers and an exclusive horological company in terms of production. Due to the fusion of complex mechanisms with innovative designs in the Audemars Piguet collections, such watches are tremendously popular with watch collectors.

Buyers Guide to Militaria

Recently, the interest in buying militaria has grown. The reasoning for such a growth trend is based on three main factors: (1) HISTORIC: the anniversaries of World War I and World War II have made the topic trendy, (2) CULTURE: the society is becoming more global and people's interests are transnational; (3) ACCESS: thanks to the Internet it is easier both to find information and expert opinions on militaria and exchange/buy items at a fixed price or as part of an online auction.

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Buying jewellery at auction

Fine Jewelry

"Buying jewellery at auction is all about homework, understanding what you want, educating the eye and being driven by a genuine desire to own a particular piece," - Francois Curiel, Christie’s International Jewellery Head.

Best items of 2015

Barbie Dolls

As we look forward to a new year we look back at what exciting finds across 2015 valuations and see what we felt stood out…we felt that these were more than the everyday objects:

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Buying at online auctions


Buying from online auctions has been a trade secret for years, with savvy dealers scoring antiques, fine art and jewellery for incredibly low prices, as long as they have a good enough eye to tell a real antique from a fake.

10 Toys you wish you saved Part II


With Christmas fast approaching, holiday adverts overwhelming our screens and the shop windows full, it can sometimes remind you of the Christmas toys you once wished for. Some of the top toys of the past can now fetch a fortune at auction, with prices soaring through to hundreds of thousands.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a child this Christmas or perhaps you fancy a festive walk down memory lane, we have listed some of the most interesting (and now expensive) items for you to have a look at!

Auctionata VMS Picks


With our new parntership with Auctionata now up and running the team here at VMS thought we would share our favourite picks from up coming auctions!

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