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Learn About: Chinese Ceramics

Chinese ceramics and porcelain have a long and illustrious history. These world-renowned ceramics are not only remarkable for the quality and artistry involved in their production, but the ways in which their styles and motifs can be traced from the early Palaeolithic era to the modern day.

Amazing Coin Discoveries


Value My Stuff looks back at recent coin and banknote discoveries. You never know you might just have a unique treasure rattling around in those spare coins.

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It's worth how much?!? Part IV

In our 'It's worth how much?!' blog series, we explore ten items that have been hidden away for quite some time to then be revealed worth more than what anyone could imagine. Could there be a priceless masterpiece lurking in your home? Lets take a look at these miraculous findings.

Valued by VMS, sold by our partners


Since launching our auction partnership with Auctionata and Paddle8, we have been pleased to offer ValueMyStuff clients the opportunity to sell the treasured items that we have valued on these exciting and ground-breaking auction channels. From ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, below are some of the items our experts valued, which are coming up for sale in September.

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Buyers Guide to Modern Furniture

20th Century Design

Whether you are looking for a dining table for your new home, or wish replace that old armchair that’s been around for years, this buyer’s guide aims to help you make the most informed decision. Since the furniture market is such a vast and global one, we decided to focus on mid-century modern pieces of furniture. This area is very fashionable in interior design circles at the moment, especially with the rise of ‘retro’ furnishings. For this reason, it is a great area to invest in and enjoy.

Buyers Guide to Action Figures


Although vintage toy collecting has long been a renowned past time, however, with the market for ‘comicana’ steadily growing in the 21st century, action figures are becoming increasingly popular, with many collectors desiring to purchase toys associated with their childhood. ValueMyStuff have compiled a buyer’s guide with tips to help you start your collection and make sure it achieves the maximum potential.

Buyers Guide to Music Photography

In recent years, music photography has become a popular and lucrative new collecting category. It encompasses concert photographs, musician portraits and band promotional photos for merchandise and album artwork, as well as editorial photographs to accompany magazine articles.

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The Collector: Selim Varol

Contemporary Art

Visionary Düsseldorf-based collector Selim Varol shares his passion for contemporary culture in this of-the-moment array of fine art, street art, and collectible toys by Mark Ryden, Banksy, KAWS, Shepard Fairey and more.

Fathers day gifts

Here at ValueMyStuff, we’re bored of gifting socks and ties for Father’s Day. We love the unusual and auctions are the perfect places to find unique gifts that are guaranteed to impress your father.

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