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Buyers Guide to Furniture

Antique Furniture

Whether you are looking for several specific colonial pieces of furniture to complement your house or that perfect accent piece to fit into your modern apartment, below we have answered a few questions to help you find your perfect piece of furniture.

Q & A with Auction My Stuff's Curator

The newly launched AuctionMyStuff is an online auction site with a difference; it incorporates expert opinions on each item it sells. We had a chance to sit down with Megan Mulrooney, curator of AuctionMyStuff’s inaugural sale Marlene Dietrich ‘The Worlds Most Glamorous Grandmother’ , to find out more about this new MyStuff service and why we should all be using it.

Buyers Guide to Paintings


People are increasingly looking toward the art market for alternative investments. This has resulted in increased prices for paintings at auction. It might just be a good time to value that painting on your wall, as you never know how much it might actually be worth.

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Film Memorabilia

Collectors are increasingly turning to movie posters as an alternative investment. We explore this appreciating asset and the market trend towards collecting these historical pieces of film memorabilia.

Buyers Guide to Stamps


Philately can be a profitable hobby if you purchase the right items. The stamp market is complex and can be difficult to navigate.

If you are interested in collecting as a hobby but still want to ensure that your investments are sound, or are simply looking to make a profit from trading, this guide serves as a valuable first introduction. It will explain some of the terminology you may encounter in the word of philately, and help you distinguish valuable stamps worth an investment from those that are unlikely to perform well in an auction room now – or in the future.

Get your valuation doneGet your valuation doneGet your valuation done
Get your valuation doneGet your valuation doneGet your valuation done
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