Transporting Collections Tips

If you are relocating your collection or purchasing art from abroad remember these 13 tips for sending your valuables from InsureMyStuff.


1.    Make sure your insurance is Worldwide (includes cover in transit)

2.    Place small objects in much larger boxes than needed

3.    Ensure that contents are not vulnerable to cutting when they are unwrapped.

4.    Always check for damage immediately upon arrival, ideally in front of the delivery service

5.    Make sure that packages are correctly labelled

6.    Do not write the value of the goods on the outside of a parcel

7.    Use labels that highlight the fragility of the goods inside and which way up the parcel should be

8.    Avoid labels that emphasise the valuable nature of the goods inside

9.    Avoid the risk of 'signed for' packages being taken-in by neighbours by stating that they are for the "named recipients only"

10.    If using couriers or the post, use their monitored/tracked services

11.    Make sure you have established definitively who is responsible for insurance (ideally in writing).

12.    If you are relying on a third party's cover or on the insurance of a shipper and packer, courier or postal service, make certain you have read their Terms & Conditions

13.    If you are "hand-carrying" valuable objects make sure that you have arranged all your transportation in advance and make certain that you are able to keep packages with you as hand luggage

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