Fathers Day Gifts

Whether you want to get your father the perfect gift to thank him for all the years of support or just to show up that perfect sibling, below we have compiled a list of unique collectables and items that would be perfect for any dad.


Auctionata offers a wide range of exclusive, one-of-a-kind gifts that would be perfect for the discerning dad. Our ValueMyStuff team have selected potential pieces which are suitable for varying budgets.

Karambol Billiard Table.png Champagne.png

Karambol Billiard Table with Geometrical Inlays, Germany, 1920s

€3,580, sold through the Berlin Office

1 Bottle 1928 Champagne Pol Roger Brut Réserve, Épernay

€1,370, sold through the Berlin Office

Ferrari flag.png

Spatenbrau Beer Stein.png

Large Banner Flag with 3 Ferrari Logos, Italy, ca. 1990

€1,560, sold through the Berlin Office

Vintage Spatenbrau München Brewery Stein 20th Century

$500, sold through the New York office

Concord Steeplechase Watch.png

Concord Steeplechase, Ref. 16.65.220, C. 1990

€370, sold through the Berlin Office

We’ve also offered you a useful Father’s Day Buyer’s Guide in case you’re feeling inspired to explore for yourself what Auctionata has to offer!

Leisure Activities

Every dad needs a break from work, so why not show your dad that you care about his hobbies and interests by treating him to a 20th century carom billiard table where he can pass his free time playing billiards and spending quality time with his family and friends. This table is fully functioning and in exquisite condition, with the beautifully rendered wooden inlays throughout as well as the renewal of the fabric and edges of the table. Carom billiards have been a symbol of sophistication since the 18th century and continue to be today, so make your dad feel like a refined gentleman this Father’s Day with this one-of-a-kind gift which you are all able to enjoy!

Rare Spirits

Indulge your father’s appetite for the world’s best, rare alcohol this Father’s Day at Auctionata with the wide range of top vintages, from a 1928 bottle of Pol Roger Brut Réserve champagne to a 1964 Château de Briat Armagnac. Give your dad an irreplaceable bottle which has it’s own documented history and is highly valued by wine collectors because of its rarity. Whether its giving your dad something to show off to his guests at a dinner party or just to share at special family gatherings, Auctionata offers a range of choices from prices big or small. An exclusive 22 year old private cask distilled by Scotland’s oldest independent family-run distillery can be bought at Auctionata and would be a perfect gift for any dad as something special to serve up as a digestif to guests at fore-coming dinner parties.

Sports Memorabilia

A favourite past-time for dads has always been to follow sports, whether it’s football, cricket or even horse racing. No matter what the sport, there is always a generous amount of memorabilia to follow. Online auctions and the internet have provided easy access to buying sports memorabilia from all over the world, such as, signed jerseys or vintage collectible tickets. Auctionata have the ultimate unique gift this Father’s Day, a large flag with three Ferrari logos. This one-of-a-kind flag would be the perfect gift for any motor-loving dad and would look good in any man cave.

Vintage Bar Furnishings

If your Dad prefers a casual beer to rare wines, Auctionata also has endless gift suggestions which will suit his tastes. Vintage barware is another great gift for your Dad this Father’s Day, for use while watching the game with his mates or simply for display. Auctionata has the perfect drinking vessel, a 20th Century Vintage Spatenbrau München Brewery Stein. This beer stein is made of beautifully shaped glass with a silvered metal lid which is engraved with the Spatenbrau logo. The Spatenbrau Brewery has been a leading exporter of German beer for more than a century and is located at the heart of beer making in Bavaria. This is a perfect gift for the dad who appreciates a good beer as well as its history.

Vintage Watches

Although many assume that a vintage watch will be very expensive, at Auctionata, there are a variety of watches suitable to different budgets. A watch is an extremely personal gift, likely to last the wearer’s lifetime and be passed onto future generations. One timepiece that we have selected is an exquisite concord Steeplechase vintage Swiss-watch from 1990, made from stainless steel with a brown ostrich leather strap for €370 in the Auctionata shop. Despite its classic style, a vintage watch like this example is still a unique gift for your dad and one that embodies style, practicality and sentiment, which perfectly suits Father’s Day.

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