Antique valuations: Wally bird ceramics sell for £14k

When looking for antique ceramics, the story of one rare item may inspire.

Ceramics & Porcelain

Those on the lookout for antique valuations might be interested to learn that a rare pottery item has been sold for £14,000 at auction.

The paired Wally Bird piece was discovered by a couple when they cleared out their house, as reported by Bedfordshire on Sunday.

Jasper Marsh, an auctioneer at Charles Ross Fine Art Auctioneers of Woburn, was sent to value the ceramic object and originally estimated its worth at between £8,000 and £12,000.

He is quoted by the publication as stating: "I knew they were valuable but I didn't know how valuable."

Mr Marsh added: "It's certainly the single most expensive item of property I have sold at auction and definitely the single most expensive item this year."

The Martin Brothers' Wally Birds usually come as single birds, rather than a pair.

Recently, the Bernama news agency reported the story of Nur Yusniza Mohd Yusof, who specializes in cat ceramics, which apparently are popular among collectors.

Posted by Lisa Marriott

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