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Dogs in Art


written by Nicholas Skeaping

Terrier, Corgi, Dachshund, Poodle, Pug, Boxer, Shiba Inu, German Shepherd, Greyhound or Mongrel. The breed really does not matter, dog owners will love them all unconditionally, treating them as family members. Read our article and unravel the dog-human relationship through the history of art.

Why in the World Collect Stamps?


written by Jean Lafortune

Collecting stamps is probably one of the most popular hobbies there is. You do not need a great knowledge to start just your curiosity and some patience. Your collection can reflect you interests, personality, profession or taste. Read the article and learn more about collecting stamps from our VMS Expert.

Vintage Bird and Flower Prints

written by Jasper Jennings

Once a scientifically valuable visual representation of flora and fauna, today vintage bird and flower prints are finally praised for their artistic value and are becoming one of the favourite genre for prints collectors. Read about the history of natural history prints and tips on how to get them!

How to start an Old Master Drawings Collection


written by Crispian Riley-Smith

Collecting Old Master Drawing is fascinating and very rewarding to the collector. Drawings are the often the first glimpses, the sketches of the first ideas of something that later could have become a masterpiece. Read more if you are interested in how to start collecting Old Master drawings, where to look for them and how to take care of your collection.

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Buyers Guide to Photography


Annie Lebovitz, Cindy Sherman, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange or David LaChapelle are just some of the biggest names to know when it comes to collecting photography. But what to look for when you are just starting your photography collection? Check out ValueMyStuff's Buyer's Guide to Collecting Photography!

5 Most Expensive Books Ever Sold At Auction

Written by Urszula Frick

For any book-lover a visit in an old antique bookstore is like a magical experience. Touching and looking through the old, dusty volumes, breathing in the specific sweet smell of old paper and ink, searching for old prints and finally finding one of the earliest editions of your favourite book is very exciting. But what would happen if you would find a book that is priceless? Read about 5 most expensive books ever sold!

Collecting Ritual Native Arts

African & Tribal Art

Written by Patrick Morgan

Genuine, fake or forgery?  In the field of tribal arts, these are by far, the most common questions asked of experts, whether a piece comes from Africa, Oceania or the Americas. Ultimately all tribal art artefacts will fall into one of these three categories and knowing the difference before buying is a crucial first step in building a respectable collection. Here are the expert tips on how to tell them apart!

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Cartier, a jewellery to love

Fine Jewellery

Cartier is one of the most luxurious watches and jewellery brands in the world. Behind every piece made by Cartier lies a personal story of love, commitment and friendship dressed in a unique design inspired by the style of the long gone eras, even in their modern 21st century editions. Read more about the Cartier's absolute classics.

A Brief History of Chinese Art

Chinese Art

Are You interested in the artistic history of the oldest nation in the world? Do you want to learn how to recognise artistic styles of various Chinese Dynasties? Or maybe you wonder which emperor was most interested in art? Learn all of this from our article.

Learn more about the History of Design! 5 chairs that revolutionised Modern Design.

20th Century Design

Chair is probably one of the most popular pieces of furniture our Furniture Experts get to value at ValueMyStuff. We get chairs from across all possible centuries and styles. Chair is one of the most basic but simultaneously one of the most important furniture pieces, from a royal throne to a simple wooden stool. Learn with us about 5 iconic chairs that pushed forward the History of Design

Learn more about Muhammad Ali - a Renaissance man of the 20th Century

Sports Memorabilia

Muhammad Ali is best known for his amazing boxing career and is often related to as the greatest athlete of all time. But he truly was a Renaissance man of the 20th century, using his fame to make a mark in other important social areas, such as philanthropy and civil rights fight. He also was artistically talented, expressing himself in poetry, rap, acting and even painting.

Breakfast at Tiffany & Co.

It is really hard to find another company with such an iconic heritage as popular jewellery and luxury goods manufacturer as Tiffany & Co. With the brand celebrating its 185 years next year it is worth to take a closer look at its history.

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How to Value Lighting


While antique chandeliers and silver candelabra have always been attractive items for homeowners to add to their collection, other less ostentatious but nonetheless artistically valuable lighting fixtures have tragically been melted down and lost, their owners unaware of their true market potential.

How to Value Metals & Brassware

Metals & Brassware

Whether a metal is highly valued for its malleability, conductibility, durability, or any combination of these qualities, they all have their own unique and special qualities that are attractive to craftsmen as well as collectors.

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