Example Member's Account

Below is an example of a member's account. You can see your collection of items valued, download your valuation report for each item, generate a collective/grouped valuation report, search for items, see the total value of your items and more...

The Account Summary

Here you can see the total items valued, the total low value of your items, their insurance value and how many valuation credits are available.

23 Items Valued
£12,100 Low Value
2 Valuations Available
£15,300 Insurance Value
The Valued Items

The items you've valued will display in a list, with the ability to select multiple valuations for report, search your valuations and download any of the valuation reports.

You have 2 valuations selected - click here to generate a combined report.
V2313-137: Emerald and diamond set cluster ring
Mounted in 18ct gold; centre brilliant cut emerald with four emeralds and four diamonds surrounding (the surrounding stones are also brillliant cut)...
V2313-136: An American sterling silver table service, International Silver Co.,
of Northern Lights pattern, comprising 16 dinner knives, 16 dinner forks, 8 luncheon forks, 8 salad forks, 8 seafood forks, 8 soup spoons, 13 dessert spoons, 16 iced...
V2313-135: David Dridan (Australian, born 1932)
Water's Edge, Oil on board, Signed lower left
V2313-134: A Polish 84 standard silver caddy, R Hersz Szyldberg, Warsaw,
The serpentine sides embossed with floral panels, the raised lid with a shield flanked by lion supporters engraved with a menorah, on winged lion's paw feet, fitted...
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