Selling Your Items With Value My Stuff

Although Value My Stuff’s primary service is to value items, we also offer to help our customers to sell their items. Read below for more information.

When submitting a valuation at our website, there’s an option to choose if you are interested in selling your item. This isn’t binding, but simply a possibility.

To sell for the highest possible price

In most cases, after you’ve received your valuation certificate, our service ends. But if you’ve applied your interest to sell, then our dedicated sales manager will contact various auction houses to investigate where your item could achieve the highest possible selling price. We have esteemed affiliated auction houses worldwide that specialize in all kinds of collectables.

A service free-of-charge

Note that this is a service that we offer for free, and if you later decide that you don’t want to sell, then that’s perfectly fine. It’s also notable that if you click in to sell your item, there’s no guarantee that we will be able to assist you in facilitating a sale. Still, in the majority of cases, the item will sell, and we’ve received excellent feedback from our customers.

Value My Stuff is impartial

One thing that has to be highlighted – besides the fact that we offer this service for free – is that Value My Stuff is impartial. We’re simply doing this to help you, our customer, to achieve the highest possible payment for your items.

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