How to Log In | Register for a ValueMyStuff Account

Wondering where you can change your account details and password?

We’ve chosen Barnebys Connect across all Barnebys Group products so our users have the ability to move between platforms without the hassle of remembering passwords.

Once your email has been verified you will be automatically redirected to the authentication page confirming your virtual identity. After which you should return to the VMS page you were previously on (whether that be the valuation submission form, or MyPages/settings) and your log in will be complete.

When using the app in particular, clicking the verification link in your email will open a browser window with the authentication notification. From there, reopen the app and you will be logged in automatically. All of your valuations and credits will be easily accessible by opening the menu and scrolling to view your “Valuations” or “Settings”.

Want to find out how it works and view a sample appraisal?

Check out our How it Works page to see how simple and easy ValueMyStuff makes appraising your treasures. You can also view a sample appraisal certificate, sample account, and learn about our sales and insurance partnerships once your items have been appraised.

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