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Tapestries & Textiles can range from Flemish tapestries and Far Eastern silks to English Medieval church embroidery and European table covers. Tapestries and textiles were originally a decorative way to keep cold draughts out of large homes or for large home-owners to decorate tall walls and demonstrate their wealth. Many of the pieces in this category - provided they have been stored safely for years - will have very unique histories and show an immense level of skill and handiwork that can be appreciated by keen collectors. Beyond decorative textiles such as religious tapestries and tablecloths, antique clothing fetches high prices on the art market. If pieces are kept in good condition, they can do very well at auction and provide extremely interesting pieces of social history.

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Our tapestry expert is from Flemish origin, the home and centre of tapestry making during the Middle Ages and Renaissance times. Having worked for Sotheby’s for over 13 years, his passion for the subject and knowledge of the markets is a tremendous asset for our website.

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