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Telescopes, microscopes, navigational instruments, globes, sundials, astrolabes, calculators, drawing instruments, and barographs are only some of the scientific instruments still in existence today. Precision timekeeping was paramount for astronomers mapping the stars.  Many technical innovations were made thanks to the search for precision timekeeping including temperature compensation, quartz oscillators and radio-control, which have now become part of everyday clocks and watches.

These instruments are not only coveted for their influence in our scientific and mathematical history, but also as they are exquisite works of art themselves. The complex and extremely accurate mechanisms were invented to guide scientists, mariners, astronomers and explorers to navigate the unknown world.  If you'd like to get a Scientific Instruments valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item. 

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Our expert worked for Sotheby's in their Torquay saleroom "Rainbow" in the Collector's department. After leaving Sotheby's, she has run auction rooms in Somerset and has built up the Collector's auctions in both. Now a freelance auctioneer and valuer, our expert works as a consultant to the Bridgewater auction rooms where she continues to run the Collectors and specialist Antiques auctions. Her extensive expertise covers not just teddy bears, dolls and toys but cigarette cards, postcards, medals, militaria, coins, costume, trains, games etc.

Our expert has over ten years expereince in the collectables comunity and works as a freelance auctioneer and valuer. Her extensive expereinces covers a large range of commonly collected items including, postcards, medals and cigarette cards.

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