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Pop and Film memorabilia is very popular among collectors and is a good starting sector for those who are interested in collecting or investing. As each generation rediscovers the sights and sounds reminiscent of their youth the popularity of pop and film memorabilia continues to grow. This is a category that not only attracts media attention, but one that also interests a wide cross-section of society. 

Popular items may include sunglasses that belonged to Elvis, or a signed photograph of Marlon Brando, autographs from the Beatles or Rolling Stones, handwritten lyrics by Michael Jackson, vintage guitars, original vintage albums, record players, rare stills from cult films, flyers, concert and film posters or 1960's programmes. 

Thus far, most museums have yet to add memorabilia to their public collections, although many have on occasion had specialty shows featuring a private individual's collection. This means there is a tremendous number of items still in private hands. With the internet offering a worldwide trading platform, there are unfortunately many fakes in circulation and it is essential to be informed before a memorabilia acquisition. If you'd like to get a Pop & Film Memorabilia valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item.

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Our Pop & Film Memorabilia Expert worked for a leading international auctioneer in London for more than twenty years and was the specialist in charge of rock 'n' roll and film memorabilia auctions from 1990-2003. In that period, some of the highlights included the sale of the Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster played at the Woodstock Festival and Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for 'Getting Better', the auction held for Robbie Williams' 'Bid It Sum' charity, the Mal Evans Collection of Beatles memorabilia and the John Entwistle Collection of Who memorabilia. As a Consultant Specialist for Bonhams since 2004, he has overseen the sale of a number of important items including the prop 'Chest-Burster' from the film 'Alien', John Lennon's lyrics for 'Revolution', the artwork for the album 'London Calling' by The Clash, the Spike Milligan Collection and the Peter Golding Collection of Rock 'n' Roll Art. He is the author of Miller's Rock And Pop Memorabilia. 

Our American Pop & Film Memorabilia Expert founded his collectible firm in 1975 in Colorado Springs, California. His growing library of literature in the art of film memorabilia collecting has fueled his passion and expertise. 

Our Entertainment Memorabilia & Photography specialist has over 6 years experience in this area for auction houses. Holding a Masters degree in photography. He is a passionate collector and has a firm knowledge of all areas of Entertainment Memorabilia & photography past and present. He has dealt with large collections and single item valuations. Valuations in this area are on the increase as items become more accessible & collectible. People are beginning to appreciate the historical significance of these items.

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