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Native American Art Appraisals

Native American artifacts have finally come into recognition in the retail and the auction markets.  The historic Route 66 (east to west across the central part of the United States of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe), with its many trading posts, began selling and trading Native American artifacts in the 1940's, and as early as the late nineteenth century.  Many of these artifacts have found their way to avid collectors eager for fresh to the market works.  
Whether you own an authentic pair of moccasins, baskets, pottery, blankets, rugs, jewellery, drums, clothing, masks or Native America regalia, one can have these items valued (new and aged) by a Value My Stuff specialist who will respond to your inquiry regarding the history and the impressive values from the eighteenth century to contemporary pieces.

Our Native American Art Appraisals team
Valuations Team

Our expert has a teaching degree and has taught the culture of the Native Americans. After traveling extensively through the Southwest and the New England states learning about Native American culture, she permanently settled in Colorado. Our expert has her own consulting and valuation business and has done consulting at various local auctions in Colorado. She studied at the Ashford Antiques Institute in Canada and continues to gain further knowledge from on-going studies about the Native American in addition to taking ethics and valuation courses through the American Society of Appraisers.

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