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Musical Instrument Appraisals

The collecting of fine musical instruments is a niche market. While most merely have a 'second-hand' value, some instruments - especially pianos and guitars - can be truly collectable and very valuable. The market also sees woodwind, brass, percussion and mechanical instruments as worthwhile investments. This collecting field is driven by academia and passion, with music scholars and makers working very closely with the musical instrument market. If you'd like to get a Musical Instruments valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item. 

Please note that we do not currently have an expert to value violins and orchestral stringed instruments at the moment. We’re working on recruiting the right specialist and hope to be able to value them soon.

Our Musical Instrument Appraisals team
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With over thrity years in the industry as a dealer and restorer, our musical instrument expert is consider one of the leading specialist in his field with a vast knowledge of the entire musical instrument market.

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