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Modern and Contemporary Latin American art is currently experiencing an increase in global interest. In the Latin American culture art historically has played a large role in national identity so it is no surprise that with wealth increasing in these nations, there would be an increase in art patrons.  Comprised of artists from  throughout all the Latin American countries, as well as artists with Latin American heritage, this category includes all forms of art such as painting, multimedia, photography and sculpture.

Extremely unique art is still being created in the modern and contemporary fields of Latin America. For hundreds of years different cultures have influenced this area of the world, from Spanish conquistadors, to Jewish merchants and traders all of whom have left a tangible flavour in the artworks.  These foreign influences coupled with indigenous native styles, such as Mayan or Nauhautl, has created a unique, almost fusion, art.

Over the past 15 years there has been an increase of Latin American Art at auction with the major auction houses all regularly having Latin American sales. 
Latin America's modern and contemporary masters, including the likes of Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo and Fernando Botero are regularly achieving high prices at auction. There has also been an increase in presence of Latin American artists at internationals fairs, like Frieze and a rise in Latin American specific art fairs, such as Pinta. All of this interest is clear evidence of the rise in demand and stability of this impressive market.

If you'd like to get your Latin American Art valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item.

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With this widely popular and ever changing market, our expert is very versatile in forms of contemporary art. After a decade working at Sotheby's in London, our Modern & Contemporary Art expert can value anything from paintings and sculpture to works on paper. She is present at all major gallery shows and art fairs around the world such as Art Basel & Miami, Frieze London, Art Miami, The Armory Show New York, etc.

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