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There is such a breadth of choice for the avid gun collector. The description antique mainly covers the earliest developments in firearms; since the arms race in the 16th century, patrons would commission increasingly powerful and elaborately decorated guns to demonstrate their status in society. Throughout the 19th century, guns evolved and by the end of the century breech-loading guns with cartridges were universally adopted. 

There are several more categories of guns, and collectors often specialise in one type of gun such as sporting, military or self-defense. Gun collectors tend to have a fervent passion and scholarly interest for the category and through their treatment the guns can maintain their value very well. A particular interest for Civil War firearms in North America has led to an increase in interest. If you'd like to get a Sporting Guns or Firearms valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item. 

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Our specialist has been working in the Gun Trade since 1982, when he first worked for Sotheby's both at their London and Sussex salerooms. Joining Sotheby’s full time in 1987, apart from a brief stint with London Gunmaker Boss & Co., he has spent his entire career working for or associated with Sotheby’s, the Worlds Leading Auction House. He has been involved in the sale of guns belonging to Heads of State, Royalty and Rock Stars, including many rare and unique pieces. Record prices have been achieved in almost every category and he continues to have an active involvement in this business.

Our firearms specialist is a FFL licensed firearms dealer in the U.S. who has been trading for over 17 years as a partner in a firm specializing in firearms. He has personally collected firearms for over 40 years and is a published journalist for many collecting publications.

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