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Do you have a piece of antique glass that you'd like to have valued? Perhaps it's a string of Venetian glass beads, a Tiffany glass lampshade or a beautiful vase of unknown origin? Although glass is one type of material, the category comprises a variety of styles from different artistic periods such as Art Nouveau lighting, Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities, 20th Century designed glass, and glassware such as antique decanters and tableware. Glass can be functional and serve a practical purpose as a receptacle, but also be an exquisite work of art. For example, Venetian glass is widely renowned for its beauty. Glass appears on the art market from a variety of design studios and styles and its value can fluctuate dependent upon the shape, size, and clarity. 

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After having worked for Phillips for many years, our ceramics and porcelain expert joined Sotheby’s where he valued ceramics and glass from numerous famous collections and country houses. Active in London and in the regions, he is still involved in major valuations in England and on the continent. His passion for the ceramics subject has made him one of the most knowledgeable and focused experts within this field.

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