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Over the past few decades, the comic market has been growing significantly. Originally seen as merely children’s reading, today comic books are being seen as stand-alone art forms.

The original art produced by the artists for the publication of comics have also begun to increase in price and demand. Once thought worthless, in the 1980s collectors began to realise the pieces were actually one-of-a-kind pieces of art, creating a now thriving market.  Museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York now regularly house the original comic strips and comic art of unique works.

Comics date back to the 1600’s but the most highly sought after pieces are those from the most recent era, in particular those from 1933-1979. Within that time period the most highly valued are superhero comics, particularly those with origin issues and first appearances.

It is important to note that superhero is not the only type of comic book experiencing a rise in value and collectability.  Others genres include, manga, science fiction, children’s, fantasy, action/adventure, alternative/esoteric, horror, humour and romance.

The increase in the market value has occurred for varying reasons, namely growth in "fandom" communities, increase in artistic skill of the illustrators and buyers’ desire to own items of nostalgia. 

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Our Comics expert started off in comic retail with Stateside Comics in 1989 and soon worked his way up to General Manager. Trading as ‘Mighty World Of Comics', he cut his teeth on the show circuit and quickly built up his business. At the end of 1996, ‘Mighty World of Comics' merged with another reputable comics business to which our Comics expert still runs today. In between businesses, our expert worked with Vault Auctions as Consignment Director, bringing his expertise to what was then Europe's premier auction house.

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