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Do you own a classic car or are you thinking about buying one? Whether it's a Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Porsche, or Ford, our online classic car valuation service can determine its worth. Simply upload photographs of the car's interior, exterior and engine and make sure to provide us with any other vehicle-related details (such as the size of the engine, etc.). Online classic car valuations can help you to ensure that you are paying a reasonable price for a vintage car or car memorabilia from an auction, dealer or private seller.

Our Classic Cars & Automobilia Appraisals team
Valuations Team

Our Classic Car expert has had over 30 years experience in this subject. An avid collector himself of classic cars and coaches, he has followed this market for the past three decades, and seen quite strong fluctuations in prices achieved for vintage vehicles. His fascination for classic cars, engines and race paraphernalia is a tremendous asset when it comes to valuing and advising our clients on their vintage items within this field of expertise.

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