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Ancient Art and Antiquities covers art from the earliest civilizations in Western Europe to Persia including the cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Antiquities constitute artifacts made from an assortment of materials that can range from marble, bronze, glass, gold, pottery and stone. It is a common misconception that only archaeologists find antiquities and in fact 80% of antiquities are discovered by private collectors who are amazed at the treasures they have uncovered.  The category is very closely linked to scholarly research and most associated through stories told by museums who continue to preserve and invest in the remaining rare artifacts that are found. Get an online Ancient Art and Antiquities valuation from our specialist in less than 48 hours!

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Our expert has been involved in the Antiquities trade since 1989, working for Bonhams; as well as conducting valuations for other organisations, both government and trade. She has been involved with and kept abreast of developments in legislation relating to this field.

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