Why get a valuation and what is it?

Sports Memorabilia

People have their items valued for a variety of reasons. Our specialists with unparalleled expertise in art, antiques and collectibles can help you no matter what the purpose of your valuations.

Why you might need a valuation

Do you want to sell your item at auction?

Do you need to give an accurate value to your insurance company?

Do you need to report a recent purchase or sale for tax reasons?

Are you making a charitable donation and need to know your item's value?

Are you trying to find the artist or manufacture of your item?

Are you valuing your items for inheritance?

Have you seen something you would like to buy but want to make sure it is a fair price?

Do you want to learn more about the history and purpose of your item?

Do you have something unique or wonder if it is unique and just want to find out more about it?

And much much more...

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