Titanic letter goes for record price at auction

The missive - written by a first-class passenger to his wife - has fetched £55,000.


A letter written by a first-class passenger on doomed liner the Titanic has gone for £55,000 at auction - a record price for amissive sent from the ship. According to the Guardian, it was originally valued at £25,000 but surpassed this amount when it was sold alongside other items of White Star Line memorabilia at Devizes' auctioneers Henry Aldridgeand Son.

Speaking of the dispatch - written by perfumer Adolphe Saafeld -Andrew Aldridge noted that the "content is superb".

"It gives a real first person perspective of what life was like on-board ... right down to the food, the size of the cabin and the decoration," he continued.

Mr Aldridge further noted that this is the best example of correspondence from the vessel because of its detailed descriptions.

Other lots to be sold included a set of keys belonging to Officer David Blair, who was transferred to a different ship at the last minute.

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