The Weird and the Wonderful: Family Home or Unintentional Time Capsule?

Have you ever wondered what a large pair of silk bloomers that belonged to Queen Victoria would fetch at auction? Or how much someone would pay to own dentures worn by Winston Churchill? There are answers to such imaginative enquiries since these objects have come up for sale at auctions around the world.

In this The Weird and the Wonderful blog post, a Warwickshire farmhouse is going to auction along with all its contents. What was discovered inside the house is both intriguing and mystifying.

The Grange Farm, in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire, is the setting for a glimpse at what would happen if an entire home were to be enclosed in a time capsule. The farmer, Jack Newton, and his sister Audrey lived in the nine-room farmhouse for around 70 years without undergoing extensive remodeling or upgrades. Obviously, the belongings of the Newton farm were made to last. 

On display within the many rooms of the house, is a vast array of peculiarities the family is said to have kept and used since the 1940s. Darts made in the early 20th century, antique tennis rackets, a stuffed fox, cufflinks from defunct jewelers and a dated drum kit are just a few of the items from the home that will be auctioned. 

Walking through the home is like going back in time, and the appeal of attending such an auction is great for collectors. An antique Singer sewing machine, also on the list of objects found within the house, can easily fetch more than £100 pounds when sold in tact and maybe more if sold for parts. A collection of threadbare dolls was also discovered. Depending on the condition and rarity of the dolls, threadbare dolls can fetch £30 or £40 pounds at auction.

The overall value of the house with all its contents will be interesting to discover once the auction takes place. Visitors and potential buyers will be able to wander the rooms of the home to view the wonderful oddities on display.

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