Staff Picks

Antique Furniture

A small Italian walnut bombé commode in mid-18th century Lombardo-Veneto style

Starting bid: £250

"This chest looks like it’s in great condition and the small size makes it easy to put anywhere in the home. Although it’s very traditional, it could be used as a statement piece amongst minimalist surroundings, creating a high-end look"

- Charlotte

Gaston Jules Louis Durel (French, 1879-1954)?Sagepay

Starting bid: £300

"Durel's paysage is a pleasing summer "plein air" picture. With investment in Impressionist pictures on the rise, the price to purchase this Durel at £300 is a steal!"


A pair of Russian silver stemmed vodka cups.

Starting bid: £75

A pair of Russian silver stemmed vodka cups.

"These are very smart little cups and would be great for sipping vodka at any cocktail party."


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