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Antique Furniture

A George III style teak and cross banded sideboard

Starting bid: £50

"There has been a lot of discussion about affordable antiques on the Auction My Stuff blog over the past week, and this sideboard is a perfect example of what we have been writing about! At £50($75 USD) this exquisite sideboard is a bargain!"


Circle of John Gould (British, 1804-1881)

European Bee-eater, Merops apiaster, water colour

Starting bid: £270

"This water colour is typical of the 19th century curiosities of nature, science and exploration. Victorian themes and styles are commonly being hung amongst modern surrounding for an eclectic look and this is a great little starter piece."


Dutch School, 17th century

Study of two Burgundy flamed tulips, water colour

Starting bid: $1080

"Beautiful and would fit into any collection modern or antique."

- Rohan

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