Owner sees antique painting valued at £250k

An antique painting is worth £250,000, according to art experts.


When looking to sell antique paintings, the story of one individual might provide plenty of inspiration.

The owner - who wishes to remain anonymous ? saw a piece by SirWilliam Orpen valued at £250,000 when he attended the BBC'sAntiques Roadshow. He previously believed the artwork was a copy and worth far lessin value.

After hearing the news, the owner said: "I'm completely gobsmacked - it's worth more than my house." Orpen, an official artist of the First World War, painted the picture of his mistress Yvonne Aubicque. The piece was once owned by Lord Beaver brook, an associate of the artist.

It could be said the news may inspire others to rummage through their attics and get any antique ceramics or paintings valued a tauction. Elsewhere, Paul Fraser Collectibles recently reported that a series of sports memorabilia items will be auctioned in London this May, including an FA Cup final programme from 1915.

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