Antique ceramics 'could go up for auction'

Relics from a sunken Chinese merchant vessel from the Ming Dynasty are being salvaged.

Chinese antique ceramics dating back to the late Ming Dynastycould soon be put up for auction, as they are currently beingrescued from a sunken merchant vessel that went down in the southChina sea. The salvage operation was suspended for six months but leader ofthe Guangdong marine archaeological team Cui Yong said that thegroup is now ready to resume work on the Nan'ao No 1, China Dailyreports. 

It is thought that over 10,000 pieces will be recovered, most ofwhich are believed to have been made in east Guangdong. Regarding the project, Mr Yong said: "Currently, the onlypermission we are waiting for is from the weather", adding that thetime between April and June is the best to undertake such action astyphoons and storms are less prevalent. 

This comes after an Irish auction saw an antique ceramic vase gofor £99,808 at auction - over 1,000 times more than the vendorsexpected to receive.

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