Andy Warhol Drawing Discovered could be worth $2 million

A British art collector has had the surprise of a life-time when he had his drawing confirmed by various authentication boards, that his piece is indeed by Andy Warhol, and one of his first ever works produced. The signed sketch depicts Rudy Vally and was hidden among several works bought by Andy Fields, 48, during a trip to Las Vegas two years ago.


It is believed to have been drawn when the artist was just ten or 11 years old - and has now been valued at $2.1million. Experts have hailed it as the earliest known example of his work and astoningly already displays the Pop Art approach Andy Warhol would be later get so renowed for. Businessman Andy said: "As a piece of art I actually think it's rubbish - but it's an incredibly important work and added "I've done all I can to get it authenticated and I'm certain it's genuine from all the research I've done.

It is indeed a pivotal work work for Andy warhol, as it is a very early display of his fascination for colours, structures and stylised portraits. If thsi work was to appear at auction, we personally think that it could make a good price, however, the condition of teh piece with the torn corners would work against its desirability, and also it does remain an academic piece, rather than a highly decorative piece. Hence the £1,3million estimate is probably about right in our view. 

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