How to Value Costume Jewelry

While costume jewelry does not possess the same intrinsic value as fine jewelry that is made from expensive materials, they do often feature much of the same charm and glamour.

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In fact there is quite a large market for those looking to buy or sell vintage costume jewelry where people across the world are able to seek out timeless and elegant pieces for their collection. Did you find an old broach and are wondering if it is worth anything? Did your grandmother give you a bracelet that she used to wear in the 1950s that you would like to know more about? Are you looking to sell some pieces from your collection? The following tips and tricks will be able to aid you in determining the value of your costume jewelry pieces.

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The first and most immediately noticeable aspect of your jewelry that will factor into its value, is its condition. As with any work of art or collectible, the more like new the item is, the more it will be worth. This is especially the case with costume jewelry in comparison to fine jewelry, since many of these pieces would have been mass produced and thus any number of the same model may be available on the market; for this reason, most buyers will only be interested in a piece if it appears brand new, and thus a damaged piece will almost certainly be worth very little. Signs of damage to look out for include missing pieces, broken clasps, dents, rust, scratches, discoloration, and so on. If your piece does bear any such compromises in quality, it may be worth it to have it repaired; however it is always safest to never make changes to an item before consulting a professional. A sloppy or ineffective reparation may render a piece of jewelry almost worthless.

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Rarity and other factors

The other most important factor in determining the value of a costume jewelry piece, is its level of rarity. The less readily available an item is on the market, the more demand there will be, and thus the more its price will increase. Some pieces were more widely produced in their time than others, and thus will be less valuable on the market today. If your item possesses the perfect combination of both like new condition, and rarity, it has a great level of potential to be highly valuable.

Certain costume jewelry brands have more reputable names amongst the market, and consequently draw more buyers willing to pay higher prices. Some of these brands include Eisenberg, Hobe, Coro, Carnegie, Mariam Haskall, and more. Many pieces bear signatures that will be able to indicate the maker.


The most essential measure to take in determining the value of a piece of costume jewelry is to seek professional appraisal. Only an expert with years of experience will be able to most accurately estimate a value for your item. Here at Value My Stuff there are professionals in the field who will be able to guide you with confidence on your way to finding the true value for your costume jewelry in no time.

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