How to Value Royal & Political Memorabilia

With the advent of radio and television in the 20th century, as well as the expansion of the full right to vote to any citizen regardless of race or gender in many countries, the world of politics has recently become more accessible than ever to everyday people instead of being relegated solely to educated white men.

George Washington on dollar bill

As a result, political figures now have statuses of fame and stardom. With politics playing a more increasingly present role in our modern individual lives than ever, the royal and political memorabilia collecting market has grown in relevance and popularity as people desire to seek tokens of ideological celebrities of the past or present. Are you wondering if that campaign button from the election of decades past can be worth anything? Are you wondering about an autograph from the Queen? Would you like to know if your Dad’s old presidential poster has any value? Continue reading to find out how to find an accurate estimate for the value of your royal and political memorabilia.

Why royal & political memorabilia?

Political figures are unique from other celebrities in that they represent more than a form of entertainment, but a set of ideas, morals, and ethics. For these reasons people often tend to become deeply emotionally invested in these figures, placing them on a moral pedestal and trusting them to lead their country to success and prosperity, or in other cases assigning them the role of treacherous villain in the wake of scandal. 

Either way, many of us cannot help but be fascinated by the combination of piety, passion, and drama that is displayed to us by the world of politics. And thus some people find pleasure in taking their interest in the spectacle a step further by acquiring items that bear connection with these figures and movements, whether for an exciting association with notoriety and controversy, or simply a fervid admiration for the ideology these items represent.


The first aspect of your item to take notice of when wishing to ascertain its value is its condition. Naturally the more like new your item is in, the more it will generally be worth. However, royal and political memorabilia covers a broad range of possible items, including anything from a Bill Clinton bumper sticker to an autograph signed by Princess Diana to a handwritten note from a founding father of America; and thus depending on the age and rarity of your item, there may be some allowances made for compromise in physical quality. But either way it is important to look out for any damage such as rips, tears, fading, denting, broken parts, and so on.

Princess Diana of Wales dancing with John Travolta


Next one must take into account the degree of rarity your item possesses. Your campaign t-shirt may be like new, but if it is only from the most recent election, it likely won’t be worth anything more than what you originally bought it for, while a letter signed by Abraham Lincoln will be worth millions even if it is faded or a bit frayed at the edges. A truly rare piece can be worth a large fortune; in 2013, Princess Diana’s gown from her 1985 dance with John Travolta sold for £295,000, and in 2012, George Washington’s personal copy of the US constitution sold for a staggering £8,000,000. 

"...if an item is associated with a specific famous event that took place during a political reign or candidacy, it will have a higher value in comparison to something generic like a thank you letter or party invitation."


Another aspect of your item to take into consideration is its significance. This will in fact be the most important feature of your item to consider when ascertaining its value, as the significance of an item will be directly correspondent with its demand on the collectible market. Throughout history, some political figures have been more well-known than others; and whether this is for good or bad reason, items associated with these such famous, or infamous people will garner more interest and thus be worth more. Likewise, if an item is associated with a specific famous event that took place during a political reign or candidacy, it will have a higher value in comparison to something generic like a thank you letter or party invitation.


Without a doubt, the most crucial step to take in finding a truly accurate estimate of your item’s value is to seek professional appraisal. Even with all the right information available to you, only an expert will be able to use knowledge gained from years of training and experience in order to find the most precise and accurate range of value for your item. Seeking professional valuation will allow you to have full confidence in regards to the authenticity and monetary worth of your highly prized possession. Luckily there are such experts in the field available here at Value My Stuff so that you can embark on the journey towards finding out what your royal and political memorabilia is worth as soon as today!

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