Antique valuations: Beatles Cavern club item put up for grabs

Those seeking antique valuations may be impressed by details of one Beatles item up for sale.

Pop & Rock Memorabilia

An item from the famous Cavern club in Liverpool where The Beatles played on a variety of occasions has been put up for grabs.

Organised by Bonhams & Butterfields, the event could see a display card from the renowned stage find a new owner, as reported by

The object makes the claim that the band performed 292 times between 1961 and 1963 at the hallowed venue.

It describes the setting as "the birthplace of The Beatles" and may be the sort of item that captures the imagination of those with a passion for music memorabilia.

The publication notes that such cards were dubbed Beatles boards and have been subject to a high level of demand globally.

In fact, the item in question is said to be expected to accrue as much as £550.

Antique valuation seekers with a love for the group may also be aware that a song sheet for the tune Maxwell's Silver Hammer once fetched £124,000, according to Paul Fraser Collectibles.

Posted by Keith Leicester

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