Antique appraisals news: 'Supergran to auction handbag'

She is going to give the proceeds to charity.

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A grandmother who fought off potential jewellery robbers with her handbag is set to put the item up for auction.

In news that may surprise those seeking accurate antique appraisals, 71-year-old Ann Timson, a retired market trader, said she will raise money for charity with the sale.

The grandmother, from Northampton, appeared on the NBC Today show in the US after flying to the country to visit her son Andre.

When talking about the possibility of putting her handbag on eBay, Ms Timson stated: "Andre is going to deal with something like that and maybe we can give the funds to charity if anybody wants to buy it, they are more than welcome."

She stated somebody told her after she fought off the men that they thought the incident was a wind-up.

A passerby captured it all on camera and the video was broadcast on various news channels and all over the internet.

Posted by Keith Leicester

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