#9 Strangest Collectible Sold at Auction

ValueMyStuff counts down the 15 strangest collectibles sold at auction.

Metals & Brassware

In 2009, a 7.8 metre, 40 step section of original spiral stairs from the Eiffel Tower sold at Drouot's Auction for €105,400. The stairs were part of the original Eiffel Tower constructed between 1887 and 1889 by Gustave Eiffel for the World's Fair in Paris. They were removed from the current tower during rennovation work in 1983. The tower, being one of the most iconic landmarks worldwide holds an important place in the heart of Parisians and visitors alike, so it seems reasonable that one would want to have a piece of such iconic history. It is the only example of such sizeable Eiffel Tower memorabilia in existance, making it a truly unique collectible. What the owner has since done with them can only be speculated, they may even be making the perfect entrance in to some lucky child's urban treehouse!


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