#8 Strangest Collectible Sold at Auction

ValueMyStuff continues the countdown of the top 15 strangest collectibles sold at auction.

Scientific Instruments

In July 2009 at Bonham's, probably the most significant piece of space memorabilia ever went under the hammer. This was the Apollo 11 navigation chart used in 1969 by celebrated moonwalkers Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins to determine their exact position on the moon after landing. Buzz Aldrin described the chart as "the single most critical navigational device we used while on the moon." The chart is 9 inches in diameter and is made up of two sheets of plastic that rotate around a central rivet. It features the sun, planet and constellations as well as 6 overlapping circles and could be used, by the highly educated astronauts, to determine their position on the moon's surface. Although this is not necessarily the strangest item, it is certainly one of the most unique items, due to its great importance to the first moonlanding, one of the modern world's greatest acheivements. Not to mention, if you find yourself on the moon's surface, this chart is a rather practical item as well! Other items from the Apollo 11 mission, as well as other attempted moonlanding have been sold at auction, but none as significant as this navigation chart. 

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