#6 Strangest Collectible Sold at Auction

ValueMyStuff is counting down the 15 strangest items ever sold at auction.

Fine Arts

Possibly the most bizarre item in the list, and almost certainly the most unique is Emperor Napoleon’s penis, which sold at auction for $3,000 in America in 1977. From the time of Napoleon’s death in 1821 to 1916, the whereabouts of this item were unknown. It was not until a descendant of the priest who administered Napoleon’s last rites sold the item to a rare book company in 1916. The last sighting of Napoleon’s genitalia was at the auction in 1977 and it is said to have been passed down to the buyer’s daughter who was reportedly offered $100,000 for it! She turned this offer down. I guess it has become somewhat of a family heirloom... Still the wherabouts of the item is not known and we are sure at some stage it will re-emerge on the market - pardon the pun!

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