Our Pricing

We offer a range of valuation prices, depending on how many items you wish to value. The more items you value, the lower the price per credit. Credits don't have any expiration date and can be used to claim a valuation at anytime, by logging into your account.

What To Know About Credits...

We use credits as payment when submitting an item for valuation. We offer both single credits and batches of credits at discounted prices. There's no time limit on using credits. Here's what you need to know about them...

One Credit = One Valuation
There is no time limit to when you can use your credits
An express valuation (24-hour turnaround) is two credits
The number of credits available are displayed in your account
Some of our customers have valued more than 1,000 items
Sample Valuation
We provide you with a printable PDF certificate and online record of all your valuations. Click here to view a sample valuation.
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Store your valuations in an easy and secure account, combine reports and much more. Click here to see our account.
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