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How to Value Lighting


While antique chandeliers and silver candelabra have always been attractive items for homeowners to add to their collection, other less ostentatious but nonetheless artistically valuable lighting fixtures have tragically been melted down and lost, their owners unaware of their true market potential.

How to Value Metals & Brassware

Whether a metal is highly valued for its malleability, conductibility, durability, or any combination of these qualities, they all have their own unique and special qualities that are attractive to craftsmen as well as collectors.

Learn About Autographs

While functionally, an autograph is simply someone’s own written signature on a piece of paper or other surface, it is often an item that possesses an insurmountable amount of cultural significance and market value.

How to Value Royal & Political Memorabilia

With the advent of radio and television in the 20th century, as well as the expansion of the full right to vote to any citizen regardless of race or gender in many countries, the world of politics has recently become more accessible than ever to everyday people instead of being relegated solely to educated white men.

Learn About Dolls

While many of us enjoyed dolls as favorite play items of a childhood past, today vintage and antique dolls enjoy the status of highly sought after prizes for adult collectors and enthusiasts.

How to Value Maritime & Nautical

Could the old compass your grandfather gave you be worth something? Are you curious about the old harpoon on your Uncle’s mantle? Do you want to know more about the engine room telegraph you picked up at a flea market?

Learn About Pop & Rock Memorabilia

While pop and rock music as we know them have only been around for less than a century, the impact that they have had on our culture and society has been impactful beyond words.

Learn About Sports Cards

Sports have been a major part of Western culture since ancient times, and since the rise of radio and television during the 20th century, they have become more influential in our culture of entertainment than ever.

Learn About Toys

Toys are objects that possess an inherent sense of joy and imagination, as they play a significant role in our early development and childhood no matter what background one comes from.

Learn About Russian Painting

Russia’s history of painting is a rich and longstanding one, dating back to the medieval ages and continuing all the way until today with monumental movements such as Russian modernism.

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