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Let’s get started!

Let’s get started!

You're only four steps away from receiving an expert opinion for your item. It's easy and only takes a few minutes to do. Firstly we need you to identify the category your item falls under and then we'll know which questions to ask you. Then you can upload your photographs. Remember, you can always go back a stage at any time if you need to start again.

Please read the following information carefully:

- You will be asked to create an account and purchase appraisal credits during this process. You will not be able to submit your appraisal unless you have at least one credit on your account. If you prefer, you can do this before starting the steps by clicking here: Login

- You will receive a confirmation email with a unique appraisal reference when your item has been successfully submitted. You can contact us at anytime to check whether your appraisal has been submitted.

Choose your Category

You can upload up to twenty four photos of your item. Here are 5 top tips to get the best from the images you supply us with;

  1. Upload as many images taken from different angles as you can do easily and safely, it's helpful for the expert.

  2. Please look for any hallmarks, stamps, details, signatures or condition issues.

  3. Please don't upload images of different items.

  4. The better the quality of photos, the more accurate we can be.

  5. The file size of your images can be as large as you want, our system will automatically compress them on your behalf.

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Some photography tips
How to help us help you


Try to shoot your item against a neutral background


Look for important marks and photograph them in close-up


Try to avoid nasty reflections that might obscure important detail


The size of your image can be as large as you want, our system will automatically compress them on your behalf


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