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Welcome to your MyStuff page! This is the individualized central hub for all your stuff. Use this page to help you navigate throughout the website as well as track your items as they relate to various MyStuff activities. Click on the drawers below to view the status of your appraisals, new messages, to chat in forums you follow,  and to learn more about the services which relate to your antiques and collectables.

my account

My Account 

This drawer is where your account information is held. Click through to view or change your password, update your username and any other personal details, track any purchase orders and much much more!

my valuations

My appraisals

This drawer is where all your appraisals are stored. Here you can finish your unsubmitted appraisals add a photograph to your valuation, view the status of your pending appraisals, review your completed valuation reports and certificates and see if your appraisal qualifies exhibition, restoration or auction. 

Remember, appraisals are the key to unlocking other services! 


my messages

My messages 

This drawer is where all communication with Value My Stuff experts, other MyStuff members, administration team, all updates and newsletters and is centralised through My Messages. Checking your messages regularly improves your MyStuff experience.

my wishlist

My Wishlist 

Are you looking to source any antiques to add to your collection? This drawer will hold all the items that you flag on Auction My Stuff. Your wishlist is flagged in our system and any time our team members receive an antique which matches your description we will alert you.

my forums

My Forums

Seeking collecting advice? Wish to speak to other MyStuff members about your experience or simply share a story about an amazing find or family heirloom? Insider knowledge is best found throughout the community. You can flag forums related to your interest and the latest conversations will be highlighted in your forums. We also have a help forum which MyStuff users can use to receive help from our team as well as other users. Visit our collecting forums to hear what other MyStuff members are saying!

Auction Stuff

ValueMyStuff is now cooperating exclusively with Auctionata, the world’s leading online auction house. To celebrate this partnership, we are now offering you the unique opportunity to consign your valuable pieces with Auctionata on the basis of your ValueMyStuff valuation. This offer applies to both the items we have previously valued for you and those that you will entrust us to value in the future.

Exhibit Stuff 

This drawer will hold all your valued items which qualify for exhibition. If you have an item that has not received an appraisal, visit our Exhibit My Stuff page to learn more about how to exhibit your stuff. 

Exhibition is one of the most important ways to add provenance to your art, antiques and collectables. Provenance is built through exhibition and our team links museums, curators and collectors around the globe. Visit our Exhibit My Stuff page to learn how it works! 

Transport Stuff 

Transporting your stuff is now made easy. We offer logistics services including consultation in order to recommend the fine art and antique shippers most suitable to your needs. Should you wish to consult our logistics consultant, please contact 

We have also partnered with logistics experts DHL to make shipping your stuff easy. Once you receive a Value My Stuff appraisal, our partners can provide a quote to ship your item to the destination of your choice.

Store Stuff 

If you are looking to store your stuff with a reputable company, Value My Stuff can advise and assist you with your storage needs all around the globe. Contact to get started.

Pin Stuff

Your Pin My Stuff drawer will list all the items you have pinned with Pin My Stuff.  Looking for a grandfather clock to complete your dining set? Is your painting missing its pair? Do you wish to source an antique from the market? Pin My Stuff allows you to create ads that show other users what you want, what you are looking for, or what you hope to find.

Restore Stuff

    The Restore My Stuff drawer lists the valued items which qualify for restoration and/or conservation. We have longstanding relationships with restorers around the globe who can provide you with excellent service and great rates.  

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