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Since September 2009, ValueMyStuff has been providing online appraisals to over 375,000 customers across the globe. Our strategy is simple: make the valuation process as easy as possible, offer the best possible expertise, and produce a written appraisal certificate all within 48 hours. However, since then many of our customers asked for advice on all issues pertaining to their stuff. To deal with this demand we now offer this range of antique services. Don't hesitate to contact to get some friendly and unbiased advise.


Expertise for everyone, and that’s a promise. ValueMyStuff has some of the world’s foremost experts on hand to give precise valuations for everything from pop memorabilia and militaria to contemporary art and toys. That’s just the start, because once you have your valuation there’s a host of possibilities to explore.

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St. George Valuations conducts onsite valuations for large private collections, estates, and/or corporate collections. As part of this bespoke service, the valuation team guides clients through a comprehensive journey which begins with a bespoke proposal and finishes with a decorated valuation complete with a digital library for future collection management. To learn more about this unique service, please click through to visit the website.

St George Valuations


So you don’t want to sell your treasured item, but you’d like to see it grow in value. ExhibitMyStuff could be just the answer. Our discreet ‘to be exhibited’ list is the curator’s secret weapon, with the power to create provenance for your item. And all that added value won’t cost you a thing.

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Need to have an item restored? We can help, with recommendations to the best restorers in the business. But is restoration always the best thing to do? Sometimes it is, but sometimes it most definitely is not. Find out what will work best for you.

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Think of PinMyStuff as a club, an online community where you can get in touch with other members to discuss, well, Stuff. Uploading a pin of an item is easy and it’s a great way to meet like-minded collectors, share and gather information, ask for and offer advice, or find every kind of service - from piano tuning and butterfly pinning to french polishers and chinoiserie restorers.

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