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 Our aim is to provide you with professional and informed appraisals of your items. We value items which we have divided into 51 categories and for each collecting field there is a dedicated expert, in some cases, more than one. Value My Stuff provide appraisals for almost anything including medal appraisals, jewelry appraisals, painting appraisals, furniture appraisals, stamp appraisalsand so much more. All our experts have worked for Sotheby's, Christie's or one of the other major London auction houses.
As well as our expert team we have many contacts covering various areas of expertise which enables us to provide you with an accurate identification of your objects and a valuation based on their experience and knowledge of current auction prices.


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Yellow Chair in 20th Century Design Style

20th Century Design Appraisals

Antique Mahogany Roundtable

Antique Furniture Appraisals

Trojan Headpiece, Symbol of Ancient Rome

Antiquities Appraisals

Iron Helmet with face mask

Arms, Armor and Militaria Appraisals

Kangaroo Painting

Australian & Aboriginal Art Appraisals

Antique Books

Book Appraisals

Red Carpet with Floral Motif

Carpet & Rug Appraisals

A six piece set of Mid Century Green Ceramics

Ceramics & Porcelain Appraisals

Wooden Chess Board

Chess, Playing Cards & Board Games Appraisals

Chinese Vase in Cobalt Blue

Chinese Art Appraisals

vintage classic car

Classic Cars & Automobilia Appraisals

Gold Standing Clock

Clock Appraisals

Collectable Coins

Coins & Banknote Appraisals

Action #1 Comic book

Comic Books & Art Appraisals

Damian Hirst Dot Painting, valium

Contemporary Art Appraisals

Costume Jewellery Set of Necklace and Earrings

Costume Jewelry Appraisals

20th Century Circular Drawing

Drawing Appraisals

African Tribal Art Mask

Ethnic & Tribal Art Appraisals

Red glass vase

Glass Appraisals

 japanese print of geisha

Japanese Art Appraisals

 blue sapphire and diamon bracelet with silver inlay clasp

Jewelry Appraisals

Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

Latin American Art Appraisals

antique gold plated chandelier with polychrome hanging crystals

Lighting Appraisals

Painting of a ship

Maritime Art Appraisals

Military Medals

Medals Appraisals

Victorian Candlestick holder

Metals & Brassware Appraisals

middle eastern tile with central floral designs

Middle East, Islamic & Indian Art Appraisals

Middle Eastern Calligraphy

Modern Middle East & Indian Art Appraisals

A Guitar

Musical Instrument Appraisals

Native American Weaved Basket

Native American Art Appraisals

The Holy Family or Doni Tondo by Michelangelo

Old Master Painting Appraisals



Woman hands over money to her servant by Pieter de Hooch

Painting Appraisals

Antique Camera

Photography Appraisals

Michael Jackson's memorabilia top hat and diamond glove

Pop & Film Memorabilia Appraisals

Vintage Postcard on brown parchment

Postcard Appraisals

Urn with Human Figure, Monte Alban, Mexico

Pre-Columbian Art Appraisals

print of a rabbit

Print Appraisals

Royal Insignia on a British Flag

Royal & Political Memorabilia Appraisals

Russian painting by Russian Alexeev Fedor

Russian Painting Appraisals

Russian Fabergé egg

Russian Works of Art & Fabergé Appraisals

gold telescope

Scientific Instrument Appraisals

Titan drowning with two sons greek sculpture

Sculpture Appraisals

long stemmed silver candlestick appraisal

Silver Appraisals

double barreled shotgun with silver inlay finishing on wood

Sporting gun & Firearm Appraisals

Lampard Number 8 Blue Jersey Framed

Sports Memorabilia Appraisals

Set of four liberty stamps

Stamp Appraisals

A Tapestry

Tapestry & Textile Appraisals

Brown Teddy Bear

Toy & Doll Appraisals

Vintage Red Dress

Vintage Fashion Appraisals

gold pocketwatch with white face

Watch Appraisals

Bottle of Vintage Petreus Red Wine

Wine Appraisals

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