About us

 about us

Who are we?

ValueMyStuff is a young and innovative valuation company with a team of over sixty experienced and renowned fine art, antiques and collectables specialists who have formerly worked at major international auction houses such as Sotheby's, Christie's, Phillips, and Bonhams. Valuing over 40 collecting fields, Value My Stuff has been called the “The Antiques Roadshow Online”.

Before Patrick van der Vorst started ValueMyStuff in 2009, Patrick was a President and Head of Department at Sotheby's London for over 12 years. His enthusiasm for making the art-identifying and valuing process as approachable as possible drove him to create this easy- to-use website. In 2010, ValueMyStuff appeared on Dragon's Den, a program similar to Shark Tank, where Patrick received a £100,000 (approximately $170,000) investment from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

What do we bring to you?

ValueMyStuff approaches the traditional art world through technological revolution and we are looking for collectors to share this vision, enthusiasm and passion for objects. We are a wide, international community of antique, art and object experts who are looking to spread our knowledge, awareness, and ultimately bring expertise to everyone. With over 469,000 valuations and 400,000 customers we are one of the largest online appraisal companies on the market. On any given day we reach 25 different countries from all corners of the globe - so rest assured our expertise is international.  

In November 2013, we re-launched the new version of our website. We offer further services tailored to the your needs- not only do we value stuff but we insure stuff, auction stuff, share stuff, ship stuff, store stuff, sell stuff, restore stuff, and exhibit stuff.

So, why use us?

We know that often the art market can be perceived as not being very approachable, or the process of trying to get your art or antique appraised can be quite time consuming and complex. ValueMyStuff's strategy is simple: make the appraisal process as easy as possible, offer the best possible expertise, produce a written appraisal report and all within 48 hours. We invite you to browse through what we value,  look through our experts bios, read our client's shared valuations, and see what the news has to say about us. If you still have questions about who we are that's no problem email us at info@valuemystuff.com and one of our customer service representatives will be on hand to offer assistance