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Vintage clothing and accessories have become extremely popular in the past decade. The interest in vintage does not stop at auctions with high-value designer items; the growing popularity of vintage clothing stores and the increasing interest in pre-owned clothing and accessories show that there is excellent opportunity for vintage items to sell under the 1,000 pound mark.
High designer pieces will always yield good value, especially those that are in good condition. For clothing, designers such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and other recognisable fashion houses immediately suggest quality and high value. Similarly, leather goods by designers such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton usually retain a timeless style and can be re-sold for high prices. Fur is a commodity which has been traded from early civilizations and to this today remains as a status symbol for women and men across the world. Commonly in vintage fashion, pieces can be passed down through generations and remain in families for many years, this means high-value items can very often become available to many people through inheritance or as gifts.

Our Vintage Fashion Valuations team
Valuations Team

Originally from the United States, our vintage fashion expert worked at Sotheby's in London. A regular fixture at runway shows she has studied fashion through out major fashion houses in both New York and London. Her contacts at magazines such as Vogue, Elle, In-Style, Condé Nast, and Interview put her in prime position to evaluate the latest trends and how they reappropriate fashion through antiquity to contemporary period.

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