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Who are we?

InsureMyStuff are a specialist fine art insurance intermediary with over 35 years of experience in insuring private clients and commercial risks in the art and antiques market.  We enjoy a reputation for creating well-ordered, affordable, tailored solutions for art and collectables. Our team collects art and antiques and has broad experience outside of insurance, including time spent working for a Bond Street dealer, major London auction house and a national museum.  Within our ranks, we have the winner of the BBC’s ‘Antiques Master’ series in 2011 who has also curated an exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum.  From time to time we are called upon to instruct on insurance and collecting to institutions and associations throughout the UK and to comment in the trade press.

We are passionate about providing high quality art and antiques collectors insurance to customers with single items right through to extensive and valuable collections.

What do we bring to you?

InsureMyStuff policies are designed to protect your art, antiques and collectables. We created InsureMyStuff because of the short-comings of many home insurance policies when insuring art and collections - home insurers may not know how to best insure a collection, or even be aware of your need for further coverage.  Because we love art, antiques and collections, we hope to go a little bit further than others and will help find the best solutions for every client.  Whether you want to insure a single item or a large collection, we offer affordable insurance previously only available to those with high value collections via brokers.

So, why use us?

We know that buying insurance can seem time consuming, complex and expensive. InsureMyStuff’s strategy is simple: make the insurance process as quick and easy as possible, and offer the best possible specialist coverage, at affordable rates.

We can insure a £15,000 collection or item for as little as £3.65 per month, and all of our policies are underwritten by Hiscox, a world-leader in insurance and winner of ‘Personal lines Claims Team of the Year 2013’.  Furthermore, we have access to 62 experts, 58 of whom are ex Sotheby’s and ex Christie’s specialists, and who are all highly trained to assess objects. This means that, should the worst happen, you can rely on the experts at ValueMyStuff to accurately ascertain the value of a lost or damaged item, the cost of a repair and the loss in the value to the item.  With an InsureMyStuff policy, you will get coverage you can rely on, without breaking the bank.  Your items will be covered immediately upon purchasing the insurance, and your insurance will be accessible online at all times.

If you still have questions about InsureMyStuff, we invite you to contact us to discuss your needs further.

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